Our activities

AB Lietuvos paštas has the largest network of access points in the country. In addition to postal services, AB Lietuvos paštas also renders logistics, financial intermediation and electronic services.

Vision. To be a financially stable and modern company satisfying the expectations of our customers.

Mission. To provide quality and professional postal, financial, intermediation and electronic services.


Common goal. We are a team of professional employees, capable of mobilising for a common goal and seeking it purposefully. We make responsible corporate management decisions and implement them with due care. We share accumulated knowledge and experience. We analyse and assess our performance and seek its continuous improvement. Systematic and team work focused on excellent business results facilitates achievement of the established goal and overcoming new challenges.

Initiative. We are ready for new challenges and can quickly and flexibly adapt to market changes. We resolve problems only after adequate assessment of the situation. We continuously search for new ideas and the best way to implement them. The aim of our company is to become the market leader.

Professionalism. We adequately represent our company both in the business and private environment. We reasonably assess the situation and boldly offer solutions. We are continuously developing, refreshing our professional knowledge and using it in our daily work. Our work with customers and co-workers is based on responsibility, trust and mutual understanding.

Entrepreneurship. We are creative and always looking for new business solutions. We achieve the best results with optimal costs. We are full of ideas and implement the best ones. We are flexible, because flexibility and experience allows us to adopt operative and professional decisions. We try to ground our work on justified business solutions and to render services of the highest quality.

Innovativeness. We are open to innovations, seeking to introduce scientific achievements and modern technologies in the company’s activities. We continuously improve our work processes, follow the news in the area of our activities and, being responsive to market developments, seek leading positions in the market.

Responsibility. We assume full responsibility for our performance and keep our promises. We always assess the relevance and results of our actions – both inside and outside the company. We function as an integral part of the environment and society. We are open to criticism, which we always accept and respond to. We seek to provide quality and efficient services to our internal and external customers.